Thursday, April 29, 2010

A courtroom drama

While I was reading my 15 books in 15 days and trying to write a decent blog about them, hubby dear was busy preparing for his final drama exam of this semester.

The drama that his class enacted was that of the famous Indian playwright Vijay Tendulkur. 'Khamosh yeh Adalat Hai' or 'Shantata! Court Chalo Aahe' (Silence! The court is in session) is a Marathi play and was first performed in 1967 (info source: Wikipedia). The play addresses the theme of middle class hypocrisy and the abnegation of women by society even when they are not at fault.

The setting of the play is within a play when a group of amateur actors reach a village where they are supposed to perform in the evening. To kill time they decide to create a mock trial in which they accuse one of their group member, Miss Benare, of having illicit relationships with a married man. Not only that, she is also held guilty for aborting the child which she begot through her relationship.

Hubby dear played the role of Mr. Sukhatmay, a lawyer, who along with the others corners Benare and finally forces her to give in and make her confession. Adnan was extremely convincing as the scheming, corrupt and menacing lawyer who derived great pleasure from the whole activity. It was an absorbing play with a sad note to it. The beauty of this play lies in the fact that it is applicable to our society even now where men conveniently rid themselves of all blame by pointing fingers at women.

Directed by their drama teacher, Rahat Kazmi, this play was a treat to watch. Kudos to the entire cast for doing such a great job and of course, a thumbs up for hubby dear for doing so well, yet again!