Thursday, April 15, 2010

15 books, 15 days, 15 blogs- whew!

I am not a bookworm, at least not yet, but I might just qualify for this title if I successfully complete this challenge. Posted by Girl Detective; 15 books, 15 days, 15 blogs is a pretty steep task. Considering the fact that I read a total of 15 books last year, this is going to be real tough. But hey, when Julie can cook one dish from Julia Child's book each day ( "Julie and Julia" - 2009 ) and post details of it on her blog, I think reading a book will be a piece of cake. Maybe.

So why take up this challenge? I think my biggest reason is that I'll have done 15 books in just 15 days which means I'll end up reading more books throughout the year and have a perfect excuse to buy even more books! Not that hubby dear and myself require a reason to buy books at any time!

The challenge starts from Friday, April 16th and ends on April 30th 2010. The selection of books was based on just one criteria, length. I might be a fast reader but considering all the external (and some internal) factors, I won't be able to complete any book, in one day, which exceeds 250 pages. Even then, I am having doubts about some books already!

Two weeks of intense reading... I better stock up on Coke Zero and plain potato chips.