Monday, April 26, 2010

Book # 10 - Carry on, Jeeves

After reading this book I had only one thought, I want Jeeves also!

'Carry on, Jeeves' made for a fantastic read on Sunday. It was full of wit, humor and the anecdotes of the wonderful Jeeves who seemed to have a solution for every stickler that the protagonist found himself in. Almost all of the stories were about how Jeeves helped the friends of Mr. Wooster (his employer) fool rich aunts and uncles, find lost love, replace cooks and get out of forced marriages. Jeeves is a jack of all trades and can come up with solutions in a matter of seconds. If only there were such servants in real life also!

Mr. Wooster is the perfect employer. He loves Jeeves and though he doesn't want to succumb to the butler's view on his appearance every time, he does give in whenever Jeeves helps to get one of his friends out of trouble. We find Wooster discarding some cherished pieces of clothing all because Jeeves disapproved of them!

A wonderful read. I had a smile throughout Sunday, thanks to this book. God bless P.G.Wodehouse!

Photograph by author/blogger. Spot the MINI.