Sunday, April 25, 2010

Book # 9 - To Have and Have Not

Except for 'Farewell to Arms', I have never really understood any books of Ernest Hemingway. Somehow, I can't digest his writing style and can never finish his book in one sitting. To Have And Have Not' has to be the most difficult book of this project and I barely managed to finish it.

In a nutshell, the book was based on the moral that even honest and courageous men can resort to a life of crime if forced against the wall. This is what happens to the hero, Harry Morgan. Fate plays some dirty tricks on him leaving him with no other option but to fool some one else and thus, earn some quick bucks.

There is also a movie on this book which stars Humphrey Bogart in the main role (which might be the only reason I might check this movie out). Ernest Hemingway was not too happy with this book also and legend has it that he considered it his worst work. If only I had gone through wikipedia before selecting the book for this project!

Movie Image: Google Images