Friday, May 30, 2014

More Books 4 U...

There was a time when I thought I'll never ever part with any of my books. That, for as long as I live, I'll keep every single book I've ever bought. Every single one. Have I stuck to my book pact? I'm afraid I haven't. Over the past few years I've donated many of my books. You might ask, dear reader, what brought the change of heart? More like change of space - getting customised shelves made is very expensive these days.   

But more than the cost, I think it was the very act of hoarding books which lost its appeal. Why collect books which a) I didn't plan to re-read, b) didn't plan to read at all or c) disliked? Why not give them away to new readers who might actually enjoy both reading and owning the book? With this noble thought in mind, I donated many books to a couple of bookstores. I also wrote little notes in them (mostly about my thoughts/feelings about the story or characters) and an email address asking the new owner to write and tell me what he/she felt about the book. Considering I didn't receive a single email, I have a bad feeling that those books are rotting in the dusty shelves of the book stores. Or maybe whoever found the notes assumed that this was a desperate attempt at 'friendship' and ignored them.

So I decided to use a more personalised approach. I posted a list of books on my blog, asked people to write in if they wanted a title and promised to send over the books via courier. To my surprise (read: shock), a few readers reached out. I was overjoyed! Somebody had actually read the blog and asked for a book! And not just that, these books were going to people who wanted them. It might sound very strange (and creepy) but it was a very comforting thought that my books will be in good hands. 

After sending out four books, I've made this book donation drive a regular feature on the blog. If you're interested in getting hold of some titles, just click on the Books 4 U tab on the homepage of my blog and you'll be directed to the book list. Then all you need to do is follow the instructions and I'll send the book to you. Simple.

Well.....what are you waiting for?