Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book # 6 - Thérése Raquin

The controversy surrounding this book was as interesting as the book itself. The book was published in 1867 and it met a scathing reception. Thérése Raquin was considered scandalous and a work of pornography. After reading the book I have to admit that certain sections of the book must be a shock for the people of that time period. But the book was anything but scandal; it was horrifying and dark. It was difficult to finish this book in one day because it left me, at times, with a sickening feeling and I had to tear myself away from it.

Thérése Raquin is a woman who finds herself in a distasteful and unhappy marriage to her cousin. She succumbs to the advances of her husband's colleague and friend, Laurent, and they end up having a steaming affair. Not satisfied with the few hours they are able to snatch from the world, they decide to rid themselves of all the hurdles in their way. Thus they scheme and execute murder and then live their remaining days in abject terror.

Zola has described this terror so well that it left me feeling uncomfortable and slightly twisted when I finished the book late last night. Read at your own risk!

Photograph: Google Images