Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday sizzles!

The one word that best describes Karachi these days is hot. But the heat can't actually stop us from having fun so hubby dear and myself went around here, there and almost everywhere on Sunday. Better sense did prevail, though, and we agreed not to make our monthly pilgrimage to Sunday bazaar.

The day started off with a scrumptious breakfast of halwa, puri and cholay (all homemade) at my parents' house. I think my friend Sabera might have the perfect explanation and recipe of the three items on her blog ( It was a desi (local) breakfast and a much needed change from the everyday jam toast!

It wasn't just the weather in Karachi which was sizzling on Sunday. The Arts Council auditorium was also afire with an interesting contemporary dance drama, 'Conversations'. This 60min performance was an interesting fusion of dance and monologues. The performances revolved around the theme of freedom - man's desire to be free and break out of his caged existence.

The show had promised to be an emotional roller coaster ride but it fell short, by a large margin. It did, though, provide a new perspective on some things. The four letter word that always comes to our mind is f*@k or love. But there is also another - free. Are we really free? Aren't we not captive in our own bodies? These bodies which make us feel proud, happy, worried, and finally, helpless? And then, at times, we become prisoners of our mind. Our mind which just keeps thinking and thinking and thinking, making us frustrated, confused, and at times, vicious.

These messages were delivered through monologues by Joshinder Chaggar and Sunil Shankar who enacted the role of the bird and the earthworm (and no, the former didn't eat the latter!). Even though Conversations was a good effort, it sort of dragged in the end. There was not enough drama even though the theme selected was very strong (man's desire to be free) and the whole show felt a little incomplete. Almost all performers were good, some more than others (Joshinder, Sunil, Shezy Khan). What was not good was the late start, the show was supposed to start at 8pm but things got moving 20mins late. Again, a reason for much frustration!

Our day ended with a fun dinner at my cousin's place where we had pizza, icecream and talked about horror movies and ghosts. Quite an end to a sizzling day!