Sunday, May 2, 2010

Post 15/15/15

Now that the 15/15/15 project is over, I am sort of missing it. It may sound kind of crazy but I put in a lot of thought while selecting my 15 books. Well, actually, most of the thought went into choosing books which were 230 pages (max) or less. I even managed to read a book by Zola and Dostoyevsky. I discovered some new authors and re-discovered some old ones.

To actually select a favorite would be difficult. I fell in love with 'Gabriel's Gift' (Hanif Kureishi), adored 'Going Solo' (Roald Dahl), was deeply moved by 'On Chesil Beach' (Ian McEwan) and was greatly amused by 'Carry on, Jeeves' (P.G. Wodehouse). My least favorite's would probably be 'Another Gulmohar Tree' ( Aamer Hussein) and 'To Have and Have Not' (Ernest Hemingway).

Hubby dear was a great support throughout this project and I if it wasn't for his constant reminders, I might not have finished the books each day! My sis-in-law and mother kept a track of my progress; encouraging me to finish the project. There were friends (Saleha especially) who made me believe in myself when I got a little tired of all that reading. And of course, the community of readers who were involved in this project; thanks guys!

There is one thing I learned from this project - if one sets out to accomplish a goal (no matter how crazy it might be) one can achieve it provided one believes in it. I believed and I did it!