Saturday, May 1, 2010

Book # 15 - The Village of Stepanchikovo

Although it was a crazy attempt, I was determined to end the 15/15/15 project with a book of the great (and one of my most favourite author) Fyodor Dostoyevsky. And thus my last book was 'The Village of Stepanchikovo'.

What made this book an easy read (as compared to other works of Dostoyevsky) and enjoyable was its comic nature. That he actually wrote a novel which almost borders on being humorous does sound astounding. And he's done a brilliant job! The plot, the characters and the suspense makes the book so much fun to read that I was glad I took it on.

It is the history behind this book which is even more fascinating than the book itself. Dostoyevsky started writing this book while he was serving his term of exile as a common soldier in a remote garrison town in Western Siberia. This book was written in a spirit of fun and its main aim was to amuse and entertain. Dostoyevsky was going through a very tough time in his personal life while writing this and this book might just be his need for escapism. And what an amazingly funny comedy he escapes into! A must read for all Dostoyevsky fans!

Photograph: Google Images