Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Escape to the World of Celluloid

This is exam season. Exam season is very odd because unlike all the other seasons, it does not come once in a year, but twice (and depending on where or what you are studying it can even come more than that!). Actually, the exam season is pretty much over and it is the grading season now.
Grading is a tough job and good breaks are most essential to keep me sane. So hubby dear and myself got hold of some good movies.
We buy all sorts of movies but my choice is often biased as it is based on the actor in the movie (often hubby dear does the same!). So it was no surprise that both of us reached out for 'Julie and Julia' at the video store. Meryl Streep is in it.
As always, there was some brilliant acting by her. Amy Adams, who has also worked with Streep in the movie Doubt, played Julie pretty well. It was a lovely film. It was a film that made you want to do something meaningful everyday. Pause. Think of any meaningful thing that you did yesterday. Or the day before? Or the day before? A little lost for answers? You're not alone. Even while writing this I realized that there was nothing meaningful I have done in the past ten days! Have no despair, at least not yet! Often you do end up doing small things which are very meaningful but which you might just consider part of your everyday routine. Things which might not lead to grand consequences but may just bring a smile on the face of someone special. What can be more meaningful than that? Now that I think of it, I have a number of meaningful things to boast of!
Coming back to 'Julie and Julia', the beauty of this film is that it doesn't have a moral as such and yet, you feel you've gained something after the movie ends.
I can't say the same about 'Inglorious Bastards' though. It was a brilliant film, a typical Tarantino masterpiece. All I would say about the film is that I wish World War II had really ended this way! A must see.
Films and books are an escape. They make us forget, for a couple of hours, our daily life and take us into an imaginary world. Sometimes we relate to that world, other times we are fascinated by it and some times we are in awe of it.
My next escape? Avatar. [and I must sheepishly admit, 3 idiots.]