Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lights, camera, action!

The end of 2009 is here and many of us will be reflecting on, pondering about, thinking of, planning to and hoping for 2010.
But not today!
I am going to pay a small tribute to my hubby dear today on his brilliant performance in his final drama exam which was on Monday. He would probably not agree with the brilliant part but I think (all bias aside) that he did an amazing job.
The play was an Urdu adaptation of the Italian play 'An Accidental Death of an Anarchist' by Dario Fo. It was a political satire that hit upon the weaknesses of our political system in general and the police force specifically. In brief the play is based on the story of a railway union worker who fell or was thrown from the fourth floor of a police station. This was termed as a suicidal act by the police while the media hyped it as a murder.
Adnan played the lead role of a maniac, Jaali, who suffers from a personality disorder. He impersonates people and sort of fools them to earn money. The police arrest Jaali and interrogate him. Since he is a crazy sort, they let him free after a warning. Jaali, on the other hand, knows about the death of the railway union worker and decides to fool the police. The rest of the drama is about how Jaali impersonates a Judge (and a doctor) and makes the policemen on the fourth floor admit to their mistake regarding the death of the railway worker.
Though it had moments of comedy, the play was an attack on our current political system. It talked about the methods police use to make a suspect confess (even though he might be innocent), and how politicians talk about 'Ehtesaab' (accountability) but never do anything about corruption when they come into office.
It was amazing watching Adnan perform and I was extremely proud! It's not easy to be on stage for 1 hour and 20 minutes and that too in three different get ups. So three cheers for you, hubby dear! Well done!