Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hello World!

Karachi is cold today.
Every once in a while, when Siberian winds blow into Quetta, Karachi becomes cold. Mostly the city dwellers are caught totally by surprise, as happened today. Many of us will find themselves becoming victims of coughs and colds [I have this absolutley awful case of sniffles]. Have lots of soup. Homemade or the instant one, whichever suits you. Soup is good for the soul - and so is cake and dark chocolate!
Starting up my own blog has been my biggest mission since the last few weeks. There was a slight hesitation, very miniscule, that prevented me from venturing out into the blog world earlier. It took some courage, a few cans of Coke Zero (huge Coke fan) and some venn diagrams in my writing notebook to start this off. It has started now and as the days go by, I am sure it will assume a personality of its own. Maybe I should do one of those brand exercises which I do in class. If my blog was a person how would it be...?