Friday, November 20, 2009

Cheeni Kum..aur zaiyda bhi

One should never take anything for granted, including sugar! Atleast the sugar crisis has made us realize this (or has it?). Really, it is a sad state of affair in our country these days. A few months ago there was no atta, and now there is no sugar. We should take it as a wake up call. Tomorrow, there might be no water! Considering the way we are hell bent on destroying our planet, this scenario is not too far away also. We have this no worry attitude because we somehow know deep down that when the water crisis does come, we won't be around. Have you given some thought to the future of your children? Instead of reciting prayers for our departed souls they will be cursing us for a). ruining the planet and b). leaving them there to clean the mess. Think about it!
On a lighter note, this is the best time to get rid of that sweet tooth forever. Stop having sugar and stop buying it (or searching to buy it) and these disgusting, gluttonous sugar mill owners will realize that they're in trouble. We are a sad nation. We have never really understood what can be done with the 'power of the people'. If ordinary people, like you and me, decide to stop buying sugar - we might just change a few things around here. 'People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people'. That's what V said in 'V for Vendetta' (an amazing and very inspiring movie which should be in the list of movies you must see before you die) and it holds true. In our case though, this might not hold that true. We don't want to come out of our protective bubbles. 'What difference will my not buying sugar make?', you may ask. It might not make any difference immediately but if you try, and those around you also become part of this, it might just make a difference. Let's not limit ourselves to the sugar matter only - try and make a difference by not wasting water, by not throwing things outside your house and on the roads, and please do try not to waste paper. Try doing all this and practise what you preach. Trust me, you'll make a difference even if it's a tiny one!
Today was the 25th death anniversary of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Now here's a man who made a difference.
'Aaiiye haath uthaayen hum bhi
hum jinhen rasm-e-dua yaad nahin
hum jinhen soz-e-mohabbat ke siwa
koi buth, koi Khudaa yaad nahin'