Monday, August 23, 2010

To be or not to be...thirty!

The big 0 has finally come!

Turning 10 does nothing to you except that you reach double digits. There is some excitement as only three years separate you from teen-age (an age which is seriously over-rated. By the time you start enjoying it, it’s over!).

Turning 20 does something to you. You realize you’ve grown up because now you have to do some serious thinking. You’re supposed to select a career, make a five year plan and if you’re a girl, in some cases, turning 20 = wedding bells. Somehow, we always think that the 20s will never end. But they do and as we enter the third decade of our lives, we start feeling old.

What does the arrival of the big 0 mean?

Is it supposed to mean something? I mean, why do we make such a big fuss over age? Age is important because well, it tells you, firstly, how many years you’ve spent on planet Earth. So you can do a sort of rain check on what all you’ve done all these years you’ve been around and thank HIM for all HIS blessings.

Besides, most things that we’re told come with the big 0 come much before. Whether it is white hair or wrinkles; all start making their appearance in the late 20s. So it isn’t like you wake up on your thirtieth birthday and find a different you. More than anything, I think life actually starts at the big 0. Whether you have just tied the knot, had a baby, changed your job, shifted to a new country, quit the career you chose in the 20s, started your own business or have decided to remain single; this is the time you really have the power to steer your life in the direction you want.  The big 0 is the time to ‘Just do it!’

What does the big 0 mean to me?

I think, more than anything, I consider myself very lucky that as I turn 30 I am still surrounded by all the people (and more!) who were there at my birth. All the people who have watched me grow or have grown with me have, in some small or big way, made me who I am today. I don’t know what the next decade holds for me but I’m really excited about discovering some new things about the world and myself!

And yes, it also means lots of expense on hair dyes and anti-ageing creams! Not to forget multi-vitamins, root canals, calcium supplements and lots of gym.

Happy birthday to me!

A big shout out to everyone for their wishes and love! 

Photograph; Google Images