Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The power of words

Words have power. They help us to weave stories and narratives. Stories are powerful too. They are a barrier between us and reality. Words, stories, books - they are like a safe house. A space where one can momentarily forget life. 

I've been struggling a lot lately with words. They seem to have packed their bags and walked away from my little writing room. Only I am to blame for their departure for I betrayed them, yet again, even though I had promised to stick with them this time for better or worse. All through November last year they kept poring onto the page, helping me meet my target and what did I do with them? Come December and I turned away from them as if they never existed. 

Words have power but they never leave you. I know, deep down, that they've not abandoned me. All I need to do is believe. Believe in their power and more importantly, believe in myself.