Monday, February 17, 2014

A Book is Looking for You

Many years ago, I had made a vow that I'd never part with any book in my collection. I've broken that vow a million times over. If a book doesn't appeal to me, I feel that it is meant for someone else and it's better to send it back into the world to find its rightful owner. 

Last year I decided to personalize my donation drive. Every book I donated had some comments (in pencil) on different pages of the book. I even made a new bookish email account asking the buyer to write back to me giving me his/her opinion on the book. No one, not one person, has written back. 

Which can mean one of two things. Either all the books I've sent out into the world have not found a new home or the buyers have just dismissed my email address and comments as a lame attempt by someone desperate for friendship.

So I've decided to reach out to you. Send me an email and I'll share with you all the titles which, I think, need to find a new home. Without my bookish email scribbled on page 58. 

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