Monday, February 7, 2011

The Love List

Love is a funny thing.

How else can you describe an emotion, or rather, state which drives you nuts most of the times, especially when February comes along? No matter what crazy antics it makes one do, all is considered fair in love and war (a perfect justification for your exorbitant spending next Monday eve). No wonder love is a funny thing!

I, too, found myself affected by the love bug and decided to do some romantic reading this month. The past several days were dedicated to short listing books which turned out to be quite a formidable task. From the moment I decided to undertake this mission, each book seemed to call out from the book shelf. The screams of ‘read me, read me’ echoed in my room all day and each time I reached for a book, the melancholic looks of the others filled me with guilt and confusion. 

After a week, I'd had enough of this emotional black-book-mail! I have a feeling that the constant exposure to Egypt's revolt on the telly has something to do with this. But before the revolt at my end could start, I took corrective measures which primarily included rearranging the bookshelf and watching BBC in the living room. Having done all this, I have, now, finally settled down to reading the books in my 'love-list'. 

It is an interesting selection, if I say so myself! Except for Chekov, all these books are re-reads.  These books are my ode to love; a four letter word laden with expectations, mostly fulfilled. And what makes An Equal Music, A Russian Affair, Maurice and The Thorn Birds a part of my love-list is the ignored, yet ever present, aspect of love; tragedy. 

And yes, these books are dedicated to hubby dear who has made me very lucky in love!