Friday, January 14, 2011

hApPy BiRtHdAy Bro!

It seems only yesterday when you went into kindergarten and I came to check on you during lunch time at school. It was your first day and you refused to come outside of the class. You had the most lovely golden curls as a child and you were an adorable little brother. Of course, you did break some of my toys (you know which ones) and I did bully you occasionally but most of the times, life was good. I remember banishing you from my room when I was a teenager (and you were my nosy little brother !) and refusing to let you touch my Sony CD Player (can you believe that?!). I can not forget your fights with Ali (whew!), can not imagine your lonely days once both Ali and myself left home for further studies and cannot, still, digest your love for Iron Maiden! You're a great friend, confidant, supporter, and little brother. Here's wishing you a very, very happy birthday. This year will bring a big change in your life and I pray that all your wishes be granted and you get all the success in the world (sniff!sniff! this is heavy duty emotional stuff!).