Thursday, September 23, 2010

books+marriage=true happiness!

What were (or are) the items on your checklist for ‘your soul mate’?  Or simply put, ‘Ten things I want in my husband/wife’ list. Everyone makes that list and in case you haven’t, get down to it. If you write ten things, you might get five (or maybe, like in my case, eleven!). And if you haven’t added a books section in that list,  I suggest you do so.

Surprised? Don’t be. You're Reading that Book too? Marry me! talks about singles in USA who are trying to find the right person through common likes (or dislikes) in book tastes. Imagine if you’re a bookworm and the only books your spouse ever read (or still reads) are Archie comics. Ouch! According to the article singles can match with people who have the same literary liking. So if Pride and Prejudice is your favourite book, you can go out and discuss it over dinner with someone who loves Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy as much as you do, or maybe more.

Having similar hobbies (books or otherwise) is a bonus, really! Especially in our society where marriages are decided by elders and there is hardly any (unsupervised) courtship period. Opposites do attract but when you have to spend the rest of your life with someone, you better have a few things in common. Love of books is a good thing to have. What will you do in old age? Curling up in your ‘his’ and ‘her’ rocking chairs with books is not such a bad idea.

Women, in our society, have to tailor their hobbies around their husbands. Which simply means, what the husband doesn’t like is never done.  What with children, in-laws, maids, relatives; hobbies don’t stand a chance! But if you and your husband share a hobby, you both will be able to take out time to actually do things together and thus, find yet another thing to cement your relationship. Hobbies provide a pastime for old age also; when your in-laws are also mostly old and your children settle in their own lives.  (I think I am thinking too much of growing old. Yikes! This is what happens when the big 0 strikes! Read my birthday blog on turning 30. To be or not to be thirty ).

Hubby dear and I are huge book lovers. On our very first meeting, to hubby dear’s question, ‘What are  you reading these days?',  (after I had told him that reading was a hobby), I had answered (a little haughtily if I may say so myself), ‘I just finished one of Dostoevsky’s book, The Idiot’. Imagine my surprise when he replied in quite a matter of fact way, ‘The Idiot? Great book!’

We are still buying books and Dostoevsky’s is our favourite writer, hands down!

P.S: And yes, I have a large collection of Sponge Bob figures, Kung Fu Panda (the film) figures and even a very cool Wolverine (a gift from a dear friend!). A hobby which hubby dear doesn't share but doesn't mind either!