Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The French (upset) Open!

No Federer, No Djokovic. Who to root for in the French Open?

I must confess, I am a Federer fan. Not as big a fan as I was of Sampras but after him, Federer is the player I root for in every grand slam. So it was with great shock that I listened to Federer losing to that (@#$%%^^) Soderling. Yes, listened because World Call Cable cut off its transmission during the customary load shedding and hubby dear & myself had to catch the fourth set on the internet through the Roland Garros website. Till the last point I was hopeful that Federer would get back in the match because, well, he's Federer. He has to have a solution for every tricky situation, doesn't he? He's not human, he's a tennis demigod. How could he lose?

It didn't end with Federer. The French Open had some more drama in store in the form of the Melzer vs. Djokovic match. There was Djokovic, in his angel wings shirt but he didn't take off this time and lost after a grueling five set match. The last set was heartbreaking. And what was even more heartbreaking was watching that (@#$%%^^) Melzer celebrating. (Do I get emotional abut the games I watch? Hell yes!).

No Federer. No Djokovic. Who to root for in the French Open?

Photograph: Google Images